Prof. Dr. Jan Dünnweber 

  high-performance computing
  summer 2016

The lecture "High-Performance Computing" is intended to provide an overview of the broad topic
of distributed and parallel computing using clusters, grids, clouds, SMP servers, peer-to-peer networks
and other parallel platforms.
It covers the writing of multi-threaded programs with Java, C & Pthreads
and parallel programming using MPI and OpenMP as well.
This lecture aims at students who want to become familiar
with parallel computing and who already have some experience
with sequential programming using Java and C (on top of Linux/Unix).
The lecture begins with a discussion on parallel computing - what it is and how it is used -
followed by a discussion on theoretical concepts and terminology associated with parallel computing.
The topics of parallel memory architectures and programming models are then explored.
These topics are followed by a series of practical discussions on a number of the complex issues
related to designing and running parallel programs,
including heterogeneity and efficiency, parallel debugging (with helgrind) etc.
The lecture is accompanied by a tutorial showing several examples
of how to parallelize serial programs.

This lecture is given in English!
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high-performance computing
(YHPC: advanced studies/en, IM6 IN6 IN7, IT6, IT7)
fri 01:30 pm-03:00 pm in U612 (lecture)
fri 03:15 pm-04:45 pm in U612 (tutorial)

all slides used in this course are available via G.R.I.P.S.

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